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meet miss haskin.


when we feature our delightful designers, we end up loving all of their work, usually without even trying. that is exactly what happened when we stumbled upon miss janelle haskin. her feminine, unique, and creative hair accessories have us (well the girls) itching for an excuse to doll up, dress up, and have a reason to wear them. oh heck, who needs a reason? take a peek at her dazzling creations for yourself…

The Leila Rose Headband is now for sale and perfect for your big day! &lt;3

The Leila Rose Headband is now for sale and perfect for your big day! <3

Fashion Penn Pal: Wondering Wednesdays


Ever had a talent you were passionate about and wondered what it would be like to turn it into a little business? Janelle Haskin did just that. The young knitter makes adorable knitted pieces such as bow headbands, chunky two-toned scarves, and flower headbands. And trust me if you have…


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